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Audacity is free and also has going for it a simple and intuitive interface that is easy on beginners. Pay music editing programs for Mac offer a serious boost in performance and increased number of supported formats and output options. Two pay music and audio editors for Mac we recommend are:. Novice users will appreciate the price and the intuitive interface that allows a gentle learning curve. Advanced users will like the extensive list of features and supported formats, including a music library feature.

It has slightly fewer features and supported formats than Adobe Audition, but if you don't need those extra bells and whistles, this is the music editor for Mac for you. If you are using a windows, check this tutorial instead.

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It has the most extensive tool set of audio and music editing options, and it supports the widest range of formats. Adobe Audition is also supported by a very complete range of tutorials to help you get the most from your investment. The fact it takes a while to work through the tutorials and get up to speed might be the only drawback. If you click through to the Mac App Store, you'll also find more screenshots and user reviews and ratings of some of the apps.

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Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. You may have less of a sense of intimidation getting started with and using Logic Pro than other premium sound editors.

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Audition used to be ridiculously expensive. Since the release of Creative Cloud, however, Adobe Audition became a much more viable and accessible option than before. It does pretty much everything that Logic Pro does, which is great — because Logic Pro does a lot. You do multitrack editing, post-processing and effect layering, and various levels and hum reduction. Recent updates have made ducking more intuitive through the use of templates and their Essential Sound feature.

Ducking is when you lower the volume of one track when another plays simultaneously — like background music lowering when a podcast host starts to speak. You can also save templates of effects and post-processes so that you can run them automatically as scripts upon import. The scripting and templating in Audition is amazing.

A major concern for folks is that Adobe products are not user-friendly. Unfortunately, Audition is no different. However, if you already use Premiere for video editing, or even Photoshop, or use any Adobe keystrokes from other apps, you will feel at home. Audition definitely does things the Adobe Way. That may be good or bad for you. If it does, you can start and stop the subscription as you need the features it offers and use one of the free options above to handle the everyday tasks.

I kept hearing about Logic Pro and Audition, yes. But Pro Tools came up way more often and was recommended way more highly to me. And I live in Muscle Shoals , a kind of recording Mecca. When they say what the best audio editing software is, you listen. So I looked into my options, I settled back on Audacity. I was a new, baby podcaster, and when I saw Pro Tools, I was terrified. It was like looking into the sun.

There was just too much power there. Pro Tools HD gives you twice as many tracks up to as regular, more inputs, and oodles more plugins. You just pay for it monthly, but that does make the cost easier to digest. Then you own the software forever, but only get 1 year of upgrades. Reaper is not Pro Tools.

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What it is trying to be, though, is a full-featured DAW that can do anything that pretty much everyone but the top-level pros would need. And for that, it massively succeeds. When using it to cut and splice audio tracks, it just works. There are a ton of advanced features packed into Reaper, too, like spectral editing and entire, in-app scripting support for making macros and complex automations using Python, Lua, or EEL.

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And best of all? The developers care about their codebase, and they want it to be clean and lean. People love it.

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  7. Because the devs love them. Plus, you get a day free download evaluation period that each and every one of you should grab and give a sho t. If there ever was a truly top-of-the-line audio editing suite, this is it. While yes, you can absolutely do the basic cutting, snipping, pasting, and equalizing, this RX suite really focuses on making your job easier.

    The insanely detailed visual tools make mastering your tracks a lot quicker and efficient than in other audio editors. They even export reports for you so you can study up on how you can better comply with loudness standards and so on. This particular suite is actually a lot of different pieces of software. You have super-simple freebies like Garage Band. And on the other end, mega-pro suites like Izotope and Pro Tools.