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Envato Elements a subscription-based marketplace that offers thousands of professionally designed resume templates for Word and Pages. This marketplace features thousands of beautiful resume templates, each of which can be bought individually. This minimal resume and business card template gives you everything you need to leave a great first impression on potential employers. You'll get a resume template complete with the matching cover letter and a business card that makes it easy to get in touch with you.

The template can be edited in Word and you can easily customize the fonts to your liking. The Resume template has a neatly organized layout featuring two columns. The template can easily be customized in Word and you'll also find a matching cover letter, portfolio, and business card template. The Professional CV and Resume template features a two-column layout with pops of color that draw attention to different resume sections.

The template can be edited in Word and comes with a matching cover letter template. This clean resume template stands out thanks to bold pops of color used as accents throughout the resume layout. You can edit this template in Word and Pages and template also comes with a cover letter template.

This template is a great choice for a seasoned pro since it comes with four pages total, which is plenty of space to include your work history and achievements. Last but not least, this resume bundle includes three different resume designs and several color schemes that serve as an excellent starting point for your resume design.

All of the included resume templates can easily be edited in Word and comes with its own cover letter. The above is just a small sample of all the attractive resume templates you can purchase over on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. The first template on this list of free resume templates for Pages and Word is Meet Edward. This template has a clean design and a two-column layout that adds visual separation to different resume sections. It comes with a matching cover letter and business card.

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The Fine Points template is a free resume template for Word. It features a subtle blue color scheme and a well-organized layout. This free resume template has a simple design with a border around it, which adds extra visual appeal. The template is easy to edit and has a one-column design, which makes it a good choice for someone who is just starting to look for their first job.

This resume template is a great choice for anyone looking for a job in a creative industry. The template has a sidebar, which can be used as a mini portfolio so you can showcase your creative skills. The Laconique template has a modern design and a clean layout that makes it easy to see your achievements, skills, and education. This resume is a good choice if you want to list all your expertise and make them the highlight of your resume. The template has a calming green and blue color scheme and clean typography.

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One such example is the Curriculum Vitae template that's got plenty of space to include all the information about your education, skills, experience, and references. This creative resume template is a good example of how to use color as an accent on your resume. It highlights the contact information with a colored background in the header paired with a profile photo and then it highlights your skills with a colored sidebar.

The color is also used to accentuate the headings for various resume sections. The Classic CV is another free resume template that comes with Pages. To access it, all you've got to do is open Pages, click New , and then choose this template from the Resume section. The Cognizant Candidate features a modern green color scheme and a two-column layout that adds structure and visual hierarchy to your resume. The template is easy to customize and has plenty of space to include your experience as well as plenty of details about your education.

The Modern CV template comes with Pages and has a modern two-column layout with modern typography. You'll also notice a place to include your logo or a profile photo. You can customize the fonts and even duplicate the page if you find that one page isn't enough. This resume template has a clean design with a corporate feel. It uses infographic elements such as progress bars and charts that highlight your skills and achievements. The template can easily be edited and there's also a placeholder to include your profile photo.

Try this free resume template if you want a corporate and simple resume layout. The header is clearly marked with a colored line where you can add your contact information. The rest of the template follows a one-column layout with accented headings.

It's got a blue and black color scheme with two columns that make your resume more organized. The template also uses modern fonts, but you can customize them to your liking. The Elegant CV features elegant typography and you can access this template simply by opening Pages and navigating to the Resume section. The template has a one-column layout and you can customize it using the tools found in Pages. This free resume template has an interesting layout and design.

Top 10 Best Resume Templates App for Mac OS That Will Give You A Competitive Edge

For starters, the template has a unique look thanks to the border around it. Secondly, your skills are laid out in a separate column with a background that resembles a banner, which makes them stand out more. Consider this bold resume template if you want to stand out among other job applicants. This template comes built-in with pages and features bold typography and pops of color that make it stand out. The Rose White resume temple has a subtle and elegant color scheme for the sidebar where you can list your skills or achievements.

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