Best mind mapping software for mac 2010

12 Best Mind Mapping Apps for Mac to Organize Your Ideas

Last month, the famous Internet Media — Lifehacker launched a vote campaign of the best mind mapping tool. More than 4, readers from different countries joined in this voting campaign.

Finally, XMind won the competition as the most popular mind mapping software by a large margin. During the process, Lifehacker posted 3 blogs for inviting the readers to vote for the best mind mapping tool.

MindNode 5 for Mac is a compelling new update to the mind mapping app suite

Meanwhile, the author invited more readers to join in the voting campaign for determining the final ranking of the five. Without your support, we can never make this happen. XMind team will never take your trust as granted. Working hard, we wish to bring you the better mind mapping tool.

MindNode 5 for Mac is a compelling new update to the mind mapping app suite

Thank you again! It would be even more popular if you ported to Andriod. Glad to see an Ios emerging after calls from you users. I don't have complex timeline to do, but it has to be visually really clear.

Thanks for all advices, ZACK. Contact AmberV.

OneNote MindMap Features

It's quite popular on the Mac, so you should find most mindmapping programs support it for both import and export, meaning quick and easy integration with Scrivener. I'm not too into strict mindmapping myself, so I cannot make a good recommendation, I can just list a few off of the top of my head.

MindNode & Things 3 Review (Mac and iOS)

I know of Freemind which is cross-platform , NovaMind kind of expensive , and MindNode is a very basic one. If you're looking for something a bit more freeform, you might try our very own Scapple, which is currently in beta and available on the forums here.

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That's not a mindmapper, but it is a visual environment where you can write here and there on a canvas and maybe link things up together, or maybe not. I'm liking the definition, "freeform text editor".

Because it just lets you type, it feels quite a bit different than programs using a strict hierarchical philosophy. Naturally it works well with Scrivener. On the more complex end there is Tinderbox, which is more within the realm of what is referred to as a "concept map", but it's not strictly that either.

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It's another freeform mapping program, but it is also programmable and one of the programs that, like Photoshop, really has no "bottom" to it. Tinderbox can open Scrivener projects directly, so it makes an ideal companion if you have the wallet, and the time it takes to learn it. It's good to doodle with the touch-screen on the sofa or on the train and then have it on the Mac when I next get to the office.

Cheers, Eric.