Embedding videos in powerpoint 2008 mac

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On the slide on which you've placed the movie, click on the file to select it. From the Start menu, choose either "Automatically" so the movie begins playing as soon as its slide appears in your presentation, or "On Click" to trigger movie playback by clicking on the movie yourself at presentation time.

Set presentation options for the movie. With the file selected on your slide, open the "Playback Options" menu in the Movie Options section and select "Play Full Screen" so the movie frame enlarges to fill your presentation screen while it plays. To keep the movie hidden until it plays, select "Hide While Not Playing" and animate the movie object to trigger playback with a fade in or other effect.


Use the "Rewind After Playing" setting to return the movie to its beginning once playback ends. If your presentation will play from a trade-show kiosk or other unattended hardware setup, choose "Loop Until Stopped" to keep the movie playing continuously. Set a poster frame for your movie to determine what shows as its preview image. To select a specific frame, play the movie in PowerPoint and pause it when you reach the point you want to become the preview.

Open the "Playback Options" menu in the Movie Options section and select "Current Frame" to set the poster frame to the point at which you stopped the footage. Login here. Educational Technology. Find out how you can easily add a video in PowerPoint. To embed a YouTube video, first you must do the following: Open your web browser and select the video you want from YouTube.

How to Extract Media from PowerPoint Files (works for both Windows and Mac)

There you will see the different options available. Below are the next steps depending on your PowerPoint versions. A pop-up window will appear that prompts you to paste the code you copied. Paste your code,click "Insert" and wait for your video to be loaded on your slide.

Embedding iMovie video in PPT for Mac

When loaded, click on the video and two new tabs will appear to help you modify the playback options. You can also choose a few other options, such as how long you want the video to play, repeat options or full screen. Click on "From a Video Embed Code" and paste your code in the right blank text area. Wait for your video to load and when loaded you can easily modify it from the two tabs that appear when you click on it.

Click on "From a Video Embed Code" and in the right blank area paste your code. In PowerPoint , you can also add a YouTube video in a different way. Just click on the "YouTube" icon that appears after you select "Online Video". Now, you just have to search with specific keywords for the video you want to add. Select the video, and click on "Insert".

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Wait a few minutes for your video to load and when loaded, select the video and you will see two tabs that will help you modify the playback options. PC to Mac and Back If you need to create presentations on the Mac and move them to the PC or vice versa , this is a good place to start. PowerPoint Windows has no equivalent on Mac, but it only added a few new features to PowerPoint For all practical purposes, you can consider PowerPoint 97 and Windows and PowerPoint 98 Mac pretty much the same.

PowerPoint Windows and PowerPoint Mac both added multiple masters and a lot of other new features and bring the Mac and PC versions into rough equivalence again.

Mac PowerPoint versions can't create motion path animations but beginning with PowerPoint for Mac, presentations with motion path animations created on Windows can be viewed properly on the Mac. PowerPoint Mac adds a few new features and better support for the multiple masters and animations on the equivalent Windows versions PPT and Both use the new Office XML file formats. The PowerPoint Viewer for Windows is the same as the PowerPoint Viewer plus additional compatibility software that allows it to convert PowerPoint files to format and open them. There's no later Mac viewer version. File compatibility exceptions: Windows versions since can apply password protection to files.

Mac PPT can open password-protected files, but prior versions can't. All Windows versions can embed fonts. Mac versions can open files that contain embedded fonts but cannot use the fonts.

Save in a video format

Avoid spaces too. But if you know what to do in Terminal, you already knew that. Use the appropriate extension PPTM etc. If you're saving to an earlier version format or saving from an earlier version, use. PPT or. Quicktime-compressed images won't work on the PC. Use Insert, Picture, From File instead. Quicktime movies seldom work on PCs.