Mac youtube fullscreen not working

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First we have to give up on the idea of YouTube actually letting use do this simple thing. If you find yourself on the youtube site, then the best way to view a video in full screen is to use my bookmarklet. What about Picture in Picture?

How to go into full screen on Mac!

This lets you float a video window over the rest of your apps on the iPad. You can access PiP from the full-screen video view, but you can also use the following code. Bonus: Both these bookmarklets also work on your Mac, so you can quickly switch to a PiP view, for example.

Force YouTube videos to play full-screen in Safari on iPad

They should also work on any video site, not just YouTube. Also, you may find that once you have used this bookmarklet in a Mobile Safari tab, its effect is persistent.

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  • How to Fix YouTube Fullscreen Not Working on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
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That is, any other YouTube video you browse to in the same tab will also expand to full screen just by pinching out. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

YouTube Fullscreen Problem on Safari, Chrome, Firefox Solved for Mac and Windows

Sep 7, 0 Australia. I'm running Safari 5. For the last couple days I've been struggling to get videos to view as fullscreen - anybody know why this is? Nov 6, 3, 86 USA.

How to enter full-screen mode

BreakGuy macrumors a. Nov 23, 0 NZ, South Pacific. MWhiskerton macrumors newbie. Dec 28, 12 0.

YouTube Fullscreen Not Working Problem on Safari, Chrome, Firefox Solutions

I noticed it was doing that too. BreakGuy said:. If that doesn't work attempt to reset Safari by clicking on 'Safari' in the menubar and selecting 'Reset Safari Ah, I hate reseting Safari!

Oh well, did it anyway and it works. I did it also for my MBP, but I decided to narrow down what it was. You only need to "Reset all website data". Jan 25, 1 0 Pakistan. Cant full screen youtube in safari I had the same problem for last week, tried different forums but nothing worked out.

Ipad Safari Full Screen 2018

Thanks to both of you reset safari did worked and "only the website data removal" is enough to treat this bug! Appreciate your time and effort. World Citizen macrumors regular. Feb 21, 0.

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Even i you have it. BigSaintDogs macrumors member. Fix Pinch the screen back to normal so there is no zoom on the page and it will work fine. I have noticed this on a few video pages.